What the cats currently need

Essential things that save furbabies and preserve their health


Our vets are taking care of Molly, Batonchik, Duke and Dobromir

Funds to pay for vet services

We care for many cats — sometimes, they get sick or require one-time surgeries. There are also elderly and chronically ill cats that occasionally require intensive care, such as the ones with chronic kidney disease. Moreover, new cats often need to be sterilised and vaccinated promptly, even when no free programs are available. Good vet services are essential, not only because they save lives but also because healthy cats find home faster. 


Those life saving units made in close-to-frontline Zaporizhzhia

Isolation units and basic renovation for room 4

Our units are always full of cats who are on quarantine or are sick, so we have to refuse to take in newcoming cats out of fear of infecting the rest. In the summer of 2022, we had a ringworm outbreak among kittens, which significantly delayed the adoption. We are in great need of more units like the ones above to ensure both kittens and vulnerable cats are protected against infections and ready to be adopted.


Vaccines, anti-parasite treatment, antibiotics, renal diet food etc.

Supplies and medication

Not all supplies we need are covered by the programs we are eligible for. We need prescribed medication, pads and nappies, gloves, sanitisers and cleaning products, and cat litter on a regular basis. Besides, some of our cats require specialised diets (renal, gastrointestinal). Some cats are rather picky and refuse a diet that keeps changing. We try hard to make it comfortable for them — to vary food if we can, or to stick to what they like, if we can afford it.


One of Angel's first visits to the vet

Angel needs us to survive

Meet Angel, a one-year-old male cat rescued by his breeders from the Kharkiv region last year. 
Angel found himself under the loving care of Anna when she discovered something alarming: Angel had liquid accumulating in his abdomen, and feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) was suspected. It was once considered incurable, but thanks to advancements in treatment, there is hope for Angel.
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How to help:

Thank you for being so interested in helping us! Donating is the quickest way to help with supplies, medication or vet services. You can also pay directly for our orders and bills or even order for us. Navigate to the donation page or email us, and we will provide you with more detail on how to place an order/make a payment for our cats.