Saving Angel

We Couldn't Look the Other Way

We are no longer collecting funds for Angel. Please stay tuned for the news and consider donating to other cats' needs.

Save Angel: Second Chance for a Rescued Cat

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Dear Animal Lovers,
We have an urgent story to share with you today. Meet Angel, a one-year-old male cat rescued by his breeders from the Kharkiv region last year. 
Angel found himself under the loving care of Anna, who almost got him adopted when she discovered something alarming: Angel had liquid accumulating in his abdomen, and feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) was suspected. It was once considered incurable, but thanks to advancements in treatment, there is hope for Angel.
Due to the difficulties caused by the war, Anna cannot finance the lifesaving treatment that Angel desperately needs. She reached out to us with a heavy heart, seeking whatever help she could get. Recognizing the urgency and the potential to save Angel's life, we have vowed to do everything possible.
Thanks to our local community's incredible support, we raised funds for initial costs, such as diagnostic tests and multiple vet visits. Despite the challenges in directly confirming FIP, the consensus among them is to begin treatment immediately. FIP is nasty and deadly if left untreated and challenging to diagnose with certainty. Based on the collective experience of our veterinarians and the success stories shared by other cat caretakers who have battled FIP, we firmly believe that Angel has a good (although not guaranteed) chance of overcoming this disease. 

This is why we are reaching out to you, dear animal lovers, to extend a helping hand to Angel in his fight for life. By contributing to Angel's treatment, you allow us to give him the care and support he desperately needs. Your donation will cover the costs of vital medications, the most expensive of them being GS-441524 ($70/vial), veterinary consultations, and ongoing monitoring — all essential to Angel's recovery.
Together we can make a difference in this innocent creature's life. No matter the size, every donation brings us closer to our goal. Please visit our donation page to support Angel (please remember to mention in the comment it's for Angel's treatment). If you cannot contribute financially now, please share Angel's story with your friends, family, and social media networks. All updates will be posted there.
Thank you for your kindness and unwavering commitment to saving lives. With your support, we can rewrite Angel's story and give him a chance to live the happy, healthy life he deserves.
With heartfelt gratitude,Daria, Anna and the team